Monday, June 28, 2010

Thumbing it Through Monday (And Probably Wednesday)

No pictures or links today as I am posting from a "smart phone" on the banks of Table Rock Lake in Golden, Missouri. Yesterday Penny and I did a little wake-boarding before the sky dumped on us. We'll be heading out on the water again here soon.

US Soccer had it's two weeks in the sun. Now that we have witnessed the inevitable decline of Team USA, Americans can focus on the TdF for three weeks before once again turning their attention to sports where doping is not only occurring, but is tacitly promoted.

Speaking of the Tour, this year's edition will unfortunately be sans Tom Boonen. Yeah, he would probably abandon around stage 15, but he is fun to watch in the sprint stages. The more sprinters the merrier I always say.

Enjoy the day, ride the bikes, and support the brewers.

1 comment:

  1. I talk in the car all the time. Of course, it's just to myself, not on the phone. Talking itself isn't too dangerous, but dialing can be. So can changing the radio station, eatting a burger, etc. If you can't drive safely and do something else as well, then just drive.

    Others news, as an ignorant American who roots for his countrymen and likes it when we win, I'm happy to see Lance is ahead of Contador, even if only a few seconds and only a stage in.