Monday, March 7, 2011

Late to the Line: My First Race, et al.

In what has been a wild two weeks, I must apologize for my lack of posting. Of course, you could argue that this post was meant to be for today, therefore making it right on time. Heck, if this post was scheduled for Wednesday than it's two days early.

On the 27th of February, a bunch of us traveled east to Columbia, MO to participate in the Froze Toes Road Race. Being my first race I wasn't expecting too much in the way of results - and that's exactly what I got. I finished 30th out of 39 racers after getting dropped at the 15 kilometer point (Yup, kilometers. Like everything else cycling, race distances must be measured the European way, which means the metric system).

Another participant in the race (though not in the Cat 5 race, so I didn't have the honor of getting dropped by him) was the Indiana state champion. I was unable to get a picture of him though because he was fast, at everything. Another champion rider was there, despite rumors that he was avoiding races outside Spain:

Whoa, a TdF champion in Missouri!Clearly AC knew that a flat, 50-kilometer course in Missouri was a perfect training race for Murcia. That, or the owner of this bike is some DB who probably also owns a UCI World Champion Jersey.

Yesterday I raced in the Perry Road Race, which consisted of four laps around a five-mile, hilly course. Again, I finished better than nine people, this time placing 40th out of 49. There seems to be a pretty clear pattern emerging. All I have to do is find a race where there are only ten of us racing and I'm set for a win.

In the world of professional cycling, the Race to the Sun (Paris-Nice) is on now. A three-man break, including the animal that is Jens Voigt, stayed away (barely) for the final 35 kilometers. The recipient of all their hard work was Belgian De Gendt. Today's stage saw a more traditional field sprint that was won by Sky's Greg Henderson. If you missed it, Versus is showing each stage at 4 pm. To catch up on all the professional cycling results that I have missed over the last few weeks you can go here or here, but not here.

So what have I been doing over the last few weeks that has precluded me from putting horribly written sentences down at this site? Just a little flying:

Already done with the pre-flight, ready to taxi.That is a Cessna 177 Cardinal. I don't have a lot of time yet, but that will come over the next few weeks as I work towards my private pilot's certification. It is a pretty cool feeling to fly, but there is still some fear when the plane's stall warning goes off even though I'm with my instructor who has plenty of hours flying as well as instructing. Flying is so much better when you are in control and you know what is going on, though I do enjoy sleeping on larger airplanes and not worrying about a thing. Soon I'll have my pilot's certification, a scary thought for some I'm sure:

Bombs away!While at Washburn Law's recent admitted students day, I saw a way to combine my love for cycling and flying:

How's the weather up there?Needless to say I was already late to the reception when I stopped to take that picture. In the end though, what's more important, being on time (or placing at a race) or enjoying yourself?

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