Monday, April 4, 2011

Beer and Belgium, but no Belgian Beer

Yesterday, probably all of Belgium was on the Tour of Flanders route cheering for a native son to win. With Nick Nuyens' victory and two Quickstep riders in the top four (Chavanel second and Boonen fourth), I'm pretty sure they got what they had hoped for. Speaking of getting what they had hoped for: Nuyens didn't have to wait long to "get" his:

I think Cyclingnews may have mislabeled this photo, as you can clearly see that Nuyens is not in the process of "getass" in this shot.

So while Belgium spent a lovely Sunday watching the best riders in the world battle it out on the Kappel-Muur, I was baking in the oven that was the Brew to Brew relay race. I was assigned a 4.2 mile stage that the race organizers categorized as hard. Even if the route was downhill and four miles less it would have been hard with the combination of the heat, wind, and my lack of conditioning. After the race we enjoyed a few brews:

The race was one of those events that sucks the whole time you're doing it, but as soon as it's over you can't wait until next year to do it all again. I'm not sure of our final results, but I know that I passed 18 people (in all fairness 16 of them were walking) and wasn't passed by anyone. Add that to the guy who ran the anchor leg for us (he passed 68 people) and I think we did ok. Then again, the start times were staggered, so we may have passed teams that started real early in the morning and planned to go slow.

Either way it was a day well spent.

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