Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Computer Issues and The Man: Keeping a Brother Down

As you may be able to tell from the post title, my computer has been giving me some trouble over the last few days. After turning it in to get it worked on, it came back and the power cable didn't work. The trials and tribulations I face are unspeakable.

Returning from the world of no internet (ie. books and people), I was amazed to see what is clearly the biggest story so far this year in the world of cycling. When I first saw the headlines I immediately thought to myself, "this is ludicrous." Not to be confused with Ludacris; though on second thought I'm not sure which one is more unbelievable. You all know what I'm talking about - a star cyclist, a western European country's government, perhaps some unfair treatment:

He must workout.This kind of treatment makes Iran look like a Sandals Resort. When asked about the "colorway", Schleck showed his fondness for American sports figures such as LeBron James who refer to themselves in the third person (though Schleck takes it a step farther and uses a pet name):

We can see the bands of the Luxembourg champion, but this jersey also has the advantage of respecting the design of our team. Fränkly, I liked wearing the other jersey, but I am very, very happy to wear this one now.

While he hasn't mastered the use of referring to yourself in the third person just yet, it's only a matter on time.

In other, lesser news on the cycling front, AC has been cleared of all doping charges, much to the amazement of many people. It remains to be seen if the UCI will appeal the decision, but AC raced yesterday at the Tour of Algarve. So while one Tour champ returns to the racing scene another announces his second, and most likely final, retirement. Like him or not, LA has been American cycling for the last dozen or so years. Who knows, maybe Obama will tweet Novitsky and tell him to back off his investigation.

After snowboarding and skiing at Breckenridge, Snowbird, and Park City in one month, I came back to reality and spent a day at the local "resort", Snowcreek:

All 300 some odd feet of vertical elevation change in view right here.

Going from the Rockies to a hillside in Missouri has to be like the transition from a wearing a LEOPARD-TREK/Luxembourg Champion jersey to wearing a jersey that highlights the Luxembourg flag more than three stripes across a 27" chest does. I know how Fränk Schleck must be feeling.

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