Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Happens in SLC, Stays in SLC

I am "dropping" this post early due to my flight tomorrow to lovely and mostly sober (3 point 2 brew or die!) Salt Lake City. You'd think alcohol would be a major factor in a state where there are still people who practice polygamy.

To get prepped for this round of snow fun, I decided to relive last month's travels to Colorado. During our trip to Breckenridge, Penny and I rode the rides all the way to the top:

Yeah, it was cold.Snow is great while snowboarding (essentially needed), but whiteout conditions on unmarked trails are not the best. In order to conquer the weather you see that I channeled my inner Storm Shadow (a reference I had to explain to a guy who spent his formative years in GI Joe's heyday). The weather the first day wasn't nearly as bad:

Smug Village, Population: Every Breckenridge InhabitantI'll be sure to dress warmly during this weekend's bout of cross-training, much the same way this fine gentlemen has dressed warmly for those swims/bike rides where you just can't seem to keep your arms warm:

Technical indeed.My guess is that his helmet is only slightly askew due to the 3.2% beer he used to "carb load".

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