Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Priority Placement: The Case for a Larger First Class

Despite the claim made in my last post title, I am here to divulge what happened last weekend in SLC. Let me start by stating that every person I saw was the most important person in the world, and that's where the trouble exists. Clearly there are people that are a little more important than others - namely me - but in today's world everyone demands they be treated like a frequent flyer, even when they aren't flying. I fear this attitude is at the center of the motorist/cyclist scuffle, in that each side thinks they are more important than the other. In reality, they are both less important than they think.

The "traveling" part of my recent travels was sub-par at best, but that did not stop me from enjoying "The Greatest Snow on Earth." The smugness of Utah's bold claim notwithstanding, the snow I encountered in Utah (Snowbird in particular) rivaled any snow that I have encountered in my relatively limited travels:

Soft powder.We used SLC as our base and drove each morning to the ski resorts. The first day we went to Snowbird and enjoyed amazing powder on our snowboards; the second day we drove to Park City for a beautiful, sunny day of skiing. In the city itself the weather was pleasant, averaging in the low 40s each day with no snow to be seen, as opposed to the mountains which were covered in snow:

Gorgeous.SLC boasts a vibrant cycling community, complete with the poster child of today's cycling boom - the fixie:

Unfortunately I failed to take a picture of another fixie I saw where the bike owner had installed his bullhorn handlebars backwards, resulting in what looked like a poorly constructed set of mustache handlebars.To each their own (and anything they want that someone else owns, since they are the most important person in the world, right) I guess.

Needless to say, though it does need to be typed, I enjoyed some of the beer offerings while in SLC. Squatter's Pub was a recommendation from our hotel front desk and it did not disappoint; until the last beer of the night that is:

As before, I'm not sure where the picture of the empty glass went, but it did exist. This beer was Squatter's own Provo Girl. I feel I was duped by the use of the term "Bavarian Pilsner". While in Bavaria, pilsners were among my last choice for beers, but I was apparently focusing too much on the Bavarian and not enough on the pilsner. In the beer's defense, it was very similar to a Bavarian pilsner - clean, crisp, and relatively tasteless. Squatter's served the Provo Girl in a half liter glass that, if my poor memory serves me correctly, even had the 0,5L marking like glasses in Europe use. Of course, as you can see the pilsner wasn't served in a pilsner glass. If you're going to try you might as well get it right.

All in all it was a great weekend that had glimpses of "epicness" such as this "epic" truck:

You can fit the entire lawn crew in this thing.On your way to work in that "epic" crew cab you can stop for your morning cup here:

I'm not a coffee drinker, but with the adventure that surely awaits anyone who enters combined with my status as the most important person in the world, you can be sure that I'll be the first in line, no matter how many people I need to cut to get there.

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