Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chock Full O'Bikes

Wow. Gilbert is on a tear. While not quit as ridiculous as Contador winning four Grand Tours in a row, winning four Fall Classics (Coppa Sabatini, Paris-Tours, Giro del Piemonte, and Giro di Lombardia) is downright unthinkable. Pretty amazing accomplishment since these races focus on different cycling strengths. Gilbert became only the fourth rider to win the Autumn Double, which consists of winning Paris-Tours (a flat race that favors sprinters - like Belgian Tom Boonen who Gilbert beat this year at Paris-Tours) and the Giro di Lombardia (a hilly race that favors climbers like Euskaltel-Euskadi's Samuel Sánchez, who finished second this year). Very impressive.

On a more local and personal note, I finally got my mountain bike (a Stevens S9 Elite) back from the shop. They replaced the Manitou Skareb fork with a Rock Shox Tora 302. The Manitou has a seal in it that ruptured four times - and I don't ride that hard. The Rock Shox Tora 302 isn't top of the line by any means, but I ride mostly cross-country when I do ride my mountain bike, so I'm not too concerned with getting the best money can buy. I plan to ride today for the first time, so we'll see how she holds up.

I think I've decided on my next road bike. I know in an earlier post I said I was leaning towards a Colnago, but I've shifted and am now leaning towards a new Bianchi 928.

Absolutely beautiful.  This should be in the Louvre.
The reason is that the 928 is the top of the line frame from Bianchi and I can upgrade the components, wheel set, cockpit, etc. as I feel.

Stay classy.


  1. Are you going to start liking soccer now too? And longer hair on men, and tight jeans? Will you like it to speak just slightly different but still you'll blend in America?

  2. I like soccer, but no more than I did in high school. I am going to grow my hair long next spring, it's been my plan since I joined the Army. I don't like tight jeans. I speak how I always have. Bam.

  3. That's ultra gay...I mean European...