Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Say What!?

Here is a quick run-down of news I heard/saw/read about this past week:

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize - ridiculous. He may eventually earn it, but it is way too early. The nominations had to be in by 1 February 2009, which means he was nominated either prior to, or in the first 11 days of, taking office. I've heard the arguments that he was chosen the winner as a consolation prize after Chicago didn’t get the Olympics or that the "committee" was trying to sway his decision on sending more troops (which is always used inappropriately - even here - since every definition of troop relates to more than one person or thing) to Afghanistan. Whatever, neither of those arguments change the fact that he was nominated for being elected president – and on speculation.

Tom Boonen was beaten in a sprint by his countryman Philippe Gilbert at Paris-Tours: Big Tom is getting old I guess. He just doesn't seem to have the legs that carried him to a world championship a few years ago or the Belgian National Championship this year. No matter, he'll always be a star in that country. Seriously, the guy gets in trouble for using a controlled substance - not testosterone or EPO or any other doping drug, but cocaine - and the people still love him. Me too.

Red Sox and Pats lost: Shut up.

I went to Iceland: It was a good trip, though short, expensive, and cold. It averaged about three degrees Celsius each day, but the wind was torture (probably not as bad as water boarding, but it did rain one night, so I guess that counts). Reykjavik is a small city with a small town feel. The "downtown" area was one road that had a tiny loop at the end that encompassed one Reykjavik city block - and it was one way. Seriously, it was like a sleepy coastal town (which, granted, it is) mixed with a sleepy ski town. But the food was great.

I'm cute!  And tasty!

MMMMMM, whale steak!

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