Monday, October 26, 2009

Life's Little Mysteries

The Tora 302 worked just fine. There might have been a deadly omen when we first ventured into the woods on our bikes, but we completely ignored it and everything worked in the end. (The omen was a bike that was smashed under a fallen tree. Don't ask why the bike was in the middle of the woods or how the tree fell on it, just believe it.)

It struck me today that weddings place disproportionate amounts of responsibility of men and women. It is tacitly expected that the bride-to-be will do all the planning, with little input from the groom. Yet we give the young boy chosen to be the ring bearer the (at least for name's sake) responsibility to carry and care for the wedding bands while the flower girl just throws old petals on the ground. Are we wrong in putting this idea in little girls' heads that their wedding day will be as easy, carefree, and blissful as throwing pretty flowers on the ground? Eh, don't answer that, it doesn't really matter.

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