Friday, July 23, 2010

Andy's promised attack up the Tourmalet occurred. The result was carnage all over the mountain. Unfortunately the one survivor (other than Schleck) was AC:

I think AC sat up at the end.How it went down was much more exciting than the finish, including Andy's weak one arm pump. At about 10 kilometers to go Andy attacked, dropping everyone except AC and Rodriguez, who held on for a little while before eventually dropping off:

Murder on the Tourmalet.It wasn't an explosive move, Andy just cranked up the speed ala Spartacus during Paris-Roubaix. After a couple kilometers AC countered with his own attack that Andy quickly neutralized:

Boom!So after the bloody mess that was stage 17, there was absolutely no shift in the top five on the GC.

Despite having a touch of the old bronchitis, Cav easily won today's stage to Bordeaux. It's exciting to see him pull away from the field, but it's a scene that has played out a bunch, so no need to put up a picture of him celebrating as he crosses the finish line. Instead, I'll put up this picture purely for my own amusement:

Don't worry, there's no MSG.I think the big-to-do surrounding the last two stages though was the star power. While spending time in France promoting their new movie, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz took some time to catch a glimpse of the peloton:

I wonder what Scientology thinks about cycling.Believe it or not, those two weren't the only celebrities enjoying the race:

Back-to-back NBA titles and a chance to run alongside TdF riders on the Tourmalet?!  What a great life!It's clear that the athlete in Kobe came out on the slopes of the Tourmalet. He actually kept up with AC and Andy for over two kilometers before 'dropping a trey.'

Living in Kansas, I read headlines like, 'Heat kills 2,000 head of cattle.' I wonder why people refer to cattle numbers by head. Why not just 2,000 cattle? Or 8,000 hoof? Anywho, on to more important topics.

23 July DB Podium

1. Manufacturers creating issues that don't exist.
2. Thierry Henry (I'm surprised he didn't use his hand)
3. Jens Voigt

Ok, just kidding about Jens, he's actually really bad ass. I just put him up there because it seems like he has no pain threshold and can ride through anything.

Off to the lake.

Enjoy the off days, ride the bikes, and support the local farmers.

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