Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Came, I Saw, I Concurred

I'm not sure I believe Andy. He said that he would get his revenge during stage 16, which he did not. The story of the day could have been one of two things, depending on your nationality: If you're American, Lance Armstong having a strong showing in the break and finishing sixth on the day:

Damn you Chris Horner!  How dare you beat LA to the line!It was like the Lance of old during some of the attacks. While I may not fawn over Lance like most American cycling media, I respect all the work he does in raising awareness and money to support cancer research. So to see him put in a good effort and not soft-pedal through the rest of the Tour was exciting.

Of course, the other story of the day was the stage winner Pierrick Fedrigo:

That's six, or one, depending on what you want to believe.Now you may be saying, "If I were French I would be quite happy that Fedrigo won the sixth stage for France during this year's TdF!" You have a valid reason for doing so since Fedrigo was the 2005 French National Champion. If you read Velonews though, you would be more inclined to say, "Hmmm, I wonder were the country of Frane is?"

I bet that Frane would have had a decent showing in this year's World Cup.Since today is a rest day for the riders, I took the opportunity to watch Velocenter and see their angle on the race. I wasn't disappointed when they talked about Lance a lot and painted Contador as a villian. What did disappoint me was the two douches that are hosting the show:

Hey Gogo, have you met my brother, Vince McMahon?The geek on the right is nicknamed 'Gogo'. Sweet. If his present appearance wasn't enough, he had some real sweet zingers such as:

"Wow is right. Tomorrow is a rest day, which, by the way, you’re gonna need after the call of those highlights – unreal!” - In response to Vincent McMahon's brother discussing stage 16 highlights.
“You got to get a little food going!” - To the highlight of Geraint Thomas in the feedzone:

Go ahead Geraint, get some food going!I'm pretty sure that I will not be watching anymore of their broadcasts. They actually make me miss Neal Rogers and Jason Sumner.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest day with a bike ride.

Enjoy the hump day, ride the bikes, and support the veterans.

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