Friday, July 16, 2010

A Tribute to the French

In what was a mere formality, the Manx Missile won his third stage of this year's Tour. As teams fought to get their sprinters in prime position, anyone who has been alive the last three years knew who was going to win:

Despite three wins, Cav's still a ways back in the points competition.As predictable as the win was, the run up to it was one of the most exciting I've seen. The peloton's best lead-out man, Mark Renshaw, was in his typical position with Cav on his wheel when Julian Dean brought Tyler Farrar (who unfortunately abandoned in stage 12 after getting dropped on the first climb of the day) to the front. In response to Dean's presence and in the spirit of not getting pushed off his line, Renshaw began to use his head (instead of his hands, because that would be dangerous. HTC team manager Rolf Aldag said, "It didn't look pretty but he had his hands firmly on his bars and was holding his position. I think that's what you're supposed to do.") to push Dean away:

Remember kids, hands on the bar - safety first!Watching this encounter reminded me of another great world-wide sporting event headbutt that took place in 2006:

Cut onto my line again Dean!And just like Zidane, Renshaw was ejected. Don't worry though Mark, in four years time you can gain a spot on a TdF squad on some clearly illegal play, then disgrace your entire country - just like France. Nice tribute Mark, I couldn't think of a more wonderful belated Bastille Day present.

In stage 12, Contador jumped from the peloton on the climb up Còte de la Croix-Nueve Montée Laurent Jalabert and Schleck was unable to follow. AC caught up with Rodriguez, who attacked a little earlier. Soon the two bridged up to AC's squadmate Vinokourov, who looked like he was going to take the stage win. In the end, Rodriguez out-sprinted Contador (who took 10 seconds on Schleck) to take the stage:

Good win for a courageous rider.and Vino finished third. I don't know what the Astana team bus will be like tonight, but if I were Alberto I would worry about Vino's older brother coming after me in August:

I must break you.In this week's podium, the top step is occupied by none other than:

16 July DB Podium:
1. LeBron James (I don't care where he plays, it's the way he got the news out that I disagree with)
2. Thierry Henry
3. BP

Enjoy the show, ride the bikes, and support local businesses.


  1. I'm starting to think AC is a little selfish. By Vino's reaction, I'm pretty sure AC's move was not in the team plan. I recall Lance saying something about AC doing the same thing last year. AC's are fine while he has the raw ability. But once he gets a little older, he'll need his team more. Maybe his team then will work with him for the $, maybe not. I'm starting to think AC won't be joining the ranks of Lance, Eddy, Miguel, etc.

  2. AC's tactics are fine, I meant...d'oh.