Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Bastille Day and Another French Loss

Let's quickly look at stage 9, which was won by Sandy Casar:

For the last time, I'm not an Alomar brother!You might be thinking he was so pumped because he just won a stage in the TdF, but the real reason is because his break was caught in the last kilometer and Sandy was able to out-sprint Caisse d’Epargne lyricist LL Sanchez:

Damn, where did you guys come from?!On Monday I predicted that Cadel would take yellow this year. I am obviously wrong about that:

A very un-Evans like day.So while I incorrectly tagged Evans to wear the maillot jaune in Paris, I was correct when I called him a whiny bitch:

I know that it isn't any consolation, but at least Evans can put on the World Championship jersey after he lost the yellow. I think the rainbow looks better anyway:

Even after he lost the yellow, Cadel still stands out from the other riders.In an unofficial rest day for the peloton, a break of six got away and stayed away, building a gap of roughly 11:30. With a couple kilometers left to race, Radioshack rider Sergio Paulinho and Caisse d’Epargne Vasil Kiryienka dropped the break and powered away. A couple hundred meters out Paulinho jumped and Kiryienka was a little late in responding. In order to lift his spirits after his loss, Kiryienka went to a team manager to explain all the dumb moves he made in the last kilometer:

Let's start with your hair.To paraphrase a comment, TV exists to make money - just like ProTour sponsorships. And after stage 10 I can say that they work. For some reason after the stage I had a craving to purchase a new car, cell phone, and have a beer:

Speaking of beer, while in Jerusalem Penny and I tried Taybeh, a Palestinian beer:

It was a pleasantly cold surprise on a warm June afternoon. Taybeh is brewed in accordance with the Bavarian purity laws, giving it a very similar, clean taste to what I encountered in Bamberg. I hope I get to enjoy it again some day. Until then I'll have to be content sampling the local beers here in Leavenworth.

Ok, off to ride.

Enjoy the hump day, ride the bikes, and support your local beverage producers.

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