Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just a Little Wallonne on that Please

Good win for ole Cadel at Flèche Wallonne. I was kind of hoping Schleck's break-away (Fränk - with the umlaut - and not Andy. Unlike the commentators on Supersport, some South African station, would have you believe, it isn't too difficult to tell them apart since Andy wears the national champion colors of Luxembourg) would have held out, but the field sprint/climb was pretty exciting. For a while I thought that the most hated cyclist in America, Alberto Contador, was going to pull it out, but the rainbow jersey and some perfect timing pulled Evans to the win. Good for him. Also good for Chris Horner nabbing another top-10 spot with a seventh place showing today. I hope LBL is as exciting (and I get a chance to watch it).

I'm off to dinner with the wife. We're hitting up Salino's Pizza (provided they aren't booked, which wouldn't surprise me even though it is a Wednesday evening). I argue it is the best pizza in Bamberg. If you disagree I need your rebuttal post-marked by the 24th of April as well as notarized by a notary public.

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