Monday, April 26, 2010


As I wait for my breakfast to settle so I can go ride, I can't believe how many stories there are already about the booing that occurred yesterday as Alexandre Vinokourov won Liège-Bastogne-Liège. In no way am I saying I disagree with those who were booing, but the myriad news sources that spend more time reporting on the fans reaction and less time on the (tactically and maybe chemically) brilliant ride are right there alongside the Peoples of the world. But hey, if The National Enquirer can be nominated for a Pulitzer than who am I to criticize.

Vino out for blood.
"The Eagle" has been in good form lately. We'll all see if it is from his "hard work" during his suspension that he feels was unfair or from something else:

Sure, it is out of context.  He's referring to 'quality meats' from Kazakhstan.
This is a video still taken from a interview of AV. A couple things of interest:

1. At the end testrider makes it clear that there was not an official translator there so nothing can be verified (they have two videos with Contador, neither of which contains the same disclaimer).
2. For a guy who comes across as being very narcissistic (purely judging him on his previous doping offense and his hair), he seems very set on helping AC in this year's TdF. His track record shows he played a good second fiddle to Jan (who sucks).
3. Testrider uses King Missile's Detachable Penis as background music. Actually, they use it on many of their videos.

Enough of that guy. I haven't found any decisive imagery yet, but I have a theory behind Gilbert's inability to win every race he enters this spring. If you look at the earrings he wore in the fall of last year when he went "all unstoppable" as I might have heard kids say, they consisted of a stud and a dangly one. This year, it looked like he was wearing a full up Olympic ring for LBL. Think about it.

Some more big ups to Chris Horner; winner in Basque Country, seventh in Flèche Wallonne, and now eighth in LBL. I don't know, it may be sacrilegious to say this around American cycling fans, but should we transfer Big George's moniker of "one for the classics" to Horner? Debate amongst yourselves.

Next on the table for debate - who is the bigger DB?

Don't hate too much, even pros need to feed their family.
Honestly, I'm a fan of both Farrar and Contador. I know that I'm probably one of the few Americans who likes Contador (considering if you know who he is you probably hating him for being the cyclists who filled the hole when Lance retired. Nature abhors a vacuum.), but this commercial is horrible. Right before this scene, he taps the shoes on his chest twice like Slammin' Sammy used to do after he would hit one of his steroid and cork backed homeruns. And Farrar - umm, ok, he wins.

Off to ride, stay ahead of the rain.

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