Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Makin' It

Rough life these days. The sun is shining, the roads are smooth, and the job is not existent.

What lies beyond...the apartment window. Penny has to (maybe she doesn't have to, but with the work culture it's probably better not to miss it) go to a dinner tonight to say farewell to those in the office who are leaving, including her. I had a similar dinner in January before I left. I'm going to miss living in Bamberg, but the group dynamics have changed. In high school I always looked up to the juniors and seniors as kids to emulate. Once I became a junior and then a senior, I couldn't really care less about those underclassmen, save for a select few I played sports with. All I really wanted to do was pack up and hit the road. I guess that's similar to how I feel now. The guys here are friendly and fun to hang out with, but the bar was set in '04 when I arrived by those present at the time. Eh, new chapter, same book.

Off to ride, enjoy.

I need to get a stand for my bike.

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