Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Scares

With Halloween officially over, let's recap the weekend that was.

Friday night Penny and I went to an "adult" party a few blocks from our house. It had a good vibe and plenty of beer. Unfortunately, it also had two guys in grass skirts that felt the need to spend the entire evening attempting to grind on everyone and everything. Luckily the fuzz showed up to handle the situation:

Lt. Dangle laying down the law.Once the popo straightened (perhaps that's not the most appropriate word to describe it) things out, the first of what I assume to be the oft quoted 'three bad things' happened - I received an email with my LSAT score. Based on the score and the percentile, it looks like I will be attending law school here.

The second bad thing is, what I think, a tear in my rotator cuff. You hear about it on TV with pitchers, but I never realized how often the rotator cuff is used throughout the day. I have an appointment today to get it looked at and diagnosed by a doctor.

Back to the parties. Saturday night held another "adult" party for Penny and me. This one was about the same except the grass skirts were replaced by a skin tight dress. This party was more low-key; so low-key in fact that Penny and I took off early.

Waking up Sunday, I awaited for the third installment of whatever the trio of crap had planned for me. Penny and I piled into the car and headed east to watch the Chiefs play the woeful Bills in the game of football. For $25 tickets, we really couldn't have asked for a better game. With seconds remaining in overtime, the Chiefs kicked a field goal to win it 13-10:

It only took 75 minutes, but the Chiefs finally beat the winless Bills.Upon our arrival back home, Penny and I prepped for the ensuing onslaught of trick-or-treaters. To our surprise, no candy hungry kids stopped by, leaving us with a bowl full of chocolate. I'm not sure if the lack of trick-or-treaters is the third part of my horror trilogy, but if so I guess sometimes there are silver linings.


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