Monday, November 8, 2010

It was a busy last few days. My visit to Vanderbilt went well. Right now I don't have the numbers to gain admission, but I think if I can bring my LSAT score up a couple points I'll have a decent chance.

While in Nashville, I ate at the Blackstone Brewery. On Friday they had six beers on tap, four ales and two porters. Being unable to decide on one, I ordered up a sampler and tried them all:

Mmmm, beer.In addition to the beer I enjoyed a delicious steak. I was a little upset that there were no stouts, but I was pleasantly surprised at the American Pale Ale. As expected though, the IPA was not to my liking.

Sticking with the college atmosphere, Penny and I traveled to KU on Saturday to watch the game against Colorado:

Big 12 football at it's worst.After three quarters it was less a football game and more, how you say, an ass whooping. With Colorado up 45-17 following an early fourth quarter touchdown, Penny and I decided to leave and walk around campus. Before we reached the parking lot the stadium erupted in cheer as KU scored. By the time we reached Penny's sister's apartment the game had ended and KU had won. Ridiculous. Once we stopped kicking ourselves for leaving what turned out to be an amazing game, we headed to The 23rd Street Brewery for dinner. To wash down my calzone, I ordered a Crimson Phog Irish Red Ale:

Nice color and taste, but nothing special.Let me first discuss the lack of an ending to the beer. Trust me, I finished it. Apparently I was affected enough after half a beer that I was unable to properly work my camera. I remember taking more pictures, but I somehow failed to actually take them.

The beer was clean tasting, but it wasn't anything special. What I mean by that is that I enjoyed drinking it, but it easily drifted into the background and didn't demand my attention with each sip.

I removed the swingarm and engine from the frame yesterday, leaving only the triple clamp left. I need a 30mm socket to loosen the bolt, but I don't think buying one is worth it since this is probably the only time I'll use it. Hopefully Penny's dad has one that I can borrow. Once done with that I'll have all winter to put the bike back together.

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