Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Irresponsible People: Cars and Cows

Let's start today with an amazing story I was alerted to by a commenter on BSNYC's Wednesday post. Sure, an Audi A8 is a sweet automobile, but suing the family of the kid you killed because his body did damage to your car?! And on top of that, what kind of rental car did he choose that cost him 6,000 Euros? Ah, the Spanish.

Speaking of the Spanish, the UCI has asked the Spanish Cycling Federation to open a disciplinary hearing against embattled Tour de France champion Alberto Contador. While that isn't surprising or unexpected, the story that Velonews published the day after was. Ok, maybe it isn't that unbelievable. The Spanish Cycling Federation President will not decide the outcome of the case, but his public support for Contador can't hurt.

Yesterday's BSNYC post discussed a recent case in Colorado where a rich dude in a Mercedes Benz ran over a doctor who was riding his bike. As seems to be standard procedure for douche bags, the rich dude fled the scene, stopped at a Pizza Hut a couple miles up the road, and called for a tow truck to take care of his damaged car. BSNYC goes on to point out one of the defense's arguments - that the driver possibly suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. This situation seems to be exactly what Mercedes Benz has been working towards:

Disclaimer: safety features will not save you from yourself.If you can't read what I've highlighted, it says, "Distronic plus radar cruise control is no substitute for active driving involvement." Of course it is, at least that is how MB tries to sell it in their commercials. I can't find the commercial online, but the one I have in mind shows a bunch of people making statements such as, "I didn't know the car in front of me stopped short." Or, "I didn't know I was drifting into the other lane." And, "I was asleep and the system woke me up, thank goodness I only hit one cyclist."

To finish up today why don't we talk about something that is more enjoyable - beer. As promised, I remembered to bring my camera to The High Noon Saloon last night and managed to snap a few pictures of the Stampede Stout I took pleasure in drinking:

Now that's dark.As you can plainly see, the stout is very dark. It has a nice flavor with hints of cocoa and coffee. The ending is a bit hoppy, but unlike an IPA, the hoppiness is tempered by the myriad flavors working together.

While partaking in my beer, Penny and managed to win one of three trivia rounds, dropping our overall record to below .500. It's upsetting to say the least, but I've decided to look at our record more like a batting average, meaning that at over .400, we're doing just fine. We'll see if Contador does as well over the next few months.

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