Monday, May 17, 2010

Breakaways, Study Breaks, and Breakfast

What an amazing couple days of competition.

Matthew Lloyd soloed his way to a great victory in stage 6 of the Giro:

I actually almost fell asleep on the bike as I crossed the finish line.  No more questions.He was so tired after his effort he couldn't keep his eyes open during the post stage interview. Lloyd's break gave him the Maglia Verde (and after all the work Paul Voss put in to earn it), but also led to him finishing stage 7 a whopping 24:10 behind stage winner Cadel Evans:

Seriously, where are my teammates!Evans got in the lead group and marked every acceleration and breakaway like a true world champion and pulled away from Vino and Cunego over the last few hundred meters. The combination of the "strada bianche" and rain resulted in some incredible racing, leading some to reminisce of "the glory days of racing." I don't know, maybe the racing was cooler back when cyclists wrapped spare inner tubes around their collarbones to prepare for the inevitable crash, but for me the glory days of racing are occurring right now because I am alive to watch them. Heck, I think Cadel would agree with me:

This is why I keep my wedding ring around my neck and not my finger.In the same stage, Vino relentlessly and repeatedly attacked, setting him up in the Maglia Rosa as Team Liquigas had some trouble on the slick, rain soaked roads. As America's #1 family practitioner reminds us, "Bitches can't hang with the streets." Alas, it seems Vino's rough upbringing in Kazakhstan still leads him to doubt the cleanliness of gifted clothing:

Those motherf'ers!  They just Fabreezed the one Wiggins lost after stage 2!
Luk Beines/AFP/Getty Images
Over in the sunshine state, Cav drew second blood in the Amgen Tour of California (technically the roads of Sacramento drew first blood as there were multiple crashes prior to The Missile crossing the line). Unexpectedly, he didn't raise three fingers in celebration of his third victory of the year:

He told ya'll yesterday what was going to happen in Sacramento. Cav enjoying his day of glory:

This sure beats the Isle of Mann.I received a 29% on the May 14th edition of BSNYC's weekly quizzes. I also got the correct answer on the bonus question, but I am unsure of the weight of the bonus compared to the standard questions so there is no way to accurately calculate my final score. As long as I convince myself that taking part in those quizzes is good prep for the LSAT I'll be fine.

Lastly, a mystery man won some sweet "unsanctioned" eating competition. Biggest win of the week and no one to give big ups to. Reminds me of the glory days of competitive eating.

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