Monday, May 31, 2010

(Ro)Mania II: Summer Slackdown

Ivan Basso is victorious in Italy, Valverde is banned world-wide, and I am resting up between my trip to Bucharest, Romania and my trip to Israel. Word.

The title of my last post had feral dog in it, but in the post I talked about a feral cat - minor oversight on the part of the management. Feral dogs really are a problem in Bucharest, I just hadn't gotten a picture of one before Friday evening. The city apparently rounds up the dogs and tags them:

This dirt patch and dirty dog were directly in front of a bridal wear store.I'm unsure why the government in Bucharest goes through all the trouble to capture the dogs and tag them. It has to cost a large amount of both time and money to run such a program. One would have to reason if the feral dogs really were such a problem, the logical step after rounding them up wouldn't be tagging them, but putting the dogs down (also know as 'euphenasia').

Since this is Summer Slackdown, I'm going to stop typing words and simply dump a bunch of pictures from the weekend. I'm even going to be so lazy as to not rotate pictures so they are upright. I will place captions on each one that you can scroll over and read if you are using IE. I know it doesn't work with Google Chrome, but I'm not positive about Firefox or any other browser. Enjoy.

Reportedly the second largest building in the world behind the Pentagon.  The Bucharest Parliament building is massive.Bucharest's finest have top notch working conditions.World-class Romanian living.Interesting contraption.  Looks like it predates the one in June's issue of Bike.It was very tasty.  The first alcoholic ginger beer I've ever had.Twins wearing matching outfits is cute on babies, not 65-year olds in international airports.The crews at the Bucharest airport decided that if they can't have anything nice than no one can.  Our ghetto suitcase prepped for Israel.

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  1. Couldn't they eat the dogs, then at least there'd be some sort of return on the cost of the program. Maybe feed the feral dogs to the feral cats?