Monday, May 10, 2010

VdV : Jansen :: Mike Green : DB

Disclaimer: I understand that May is bike month and that the 21st is bike to work day, but I will not be partaking in the festivities this year. The reason - I don't go to work. Not having a job is nice sometimes.

While perusing the web yesterday I came across one of the most overused sayings this side of the Atlantic (or that side, since I'm on the other side), "I have an eclectic taste in music!" If liking music from different bands makes your taste in music eclectic, then I guess everyone has eclectic taste in music. The definition of eclectic is taking what appears to be the best from different styles. I'd like to find the person who doesn't have eclectic taste in music, because that would mean they would only enjoy the music from one band, whether it was crappy or not. Of course the person who says this almost always accompanies it with the phrase, "I like just about anything," which, by definition, is almost the exact opposite of eclectic.

VdV is out of the Giro due to a stage three crash for the second year in a row. Now for the good news: he broke 85.7% less bones this year. At that rate he should be on track to not break any next year. Don't worry Christian, it took Dan Jansen a couple years to finish as well.

Dude, what happened?!  I don't know!
Picture of VdV courtesy of and picture of Jansen courtesy of

Mike Green of Bike Blog NYC may not be an idiot, but he sure sounds like one. In this article he claims that he doesn't ride in bike lanes because they are "limiting." They are also safe and made for bikes. I hope that Mr. Green doesn't get upset when motor vehicles drive and park in the bike lanes, or the sidewalk, or his living room for that matter. Once the city gave drivers designated lanes and parking spaces they did nothing but "limit" them. Here's to fighting the man!

In what looked like a picture-perfect lead-out, André Greipel got jumped again and failed to land on the podium for a second Giro stage in a row. With a showing like this there is no way HTC's manager can afford to send Cav to France and sit Greipel. If anything he needs the practice more than Cav. Don't feel too bad Dré, you've made the top step of my podium.

May 12th DB Podium
1. André Greipel
2. Mike Green
3. LTC Terrence Lakin

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