Saturday, May 1, 2010

Forgot a Title Yesterday

Fabian Wegmann won Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt (hereafter referred to as RFEF) on an overcast day in central Germany (of course it rained here in northern Bavaria). This win (in what he states is his favorite race) puts him one behind fellow countryman Erik Zabel for most RFEF wins.

Besides the photo quality, can you spot the difference? Please, take a minute and compare the two photos (the one of Cav courtesy of Velonews) above. There seems to be happy emotions flowing from Wegmann and negative ones from Cav. Alas though, we've all been had. Wegmann has to show positive emotions because any display such as the one Cav put on would result in death in Germany. Ok, maybe less death and more reformatting since all Germans are actually robots.

And yet despite their cold efficiency, RFEF seems to make no sense. Here, take a gander at the race route:

I would have taken the blue path. Clearly the dotted blue line is the most intelligent route to take as Google maps calculates it to be roughly 13.6 kilometers as opposed to the 201.7 kilometer route the peloton took. Now, you could argue that RFEF, as the name implies, travels around the financial area that encompasses Eschborn and Frankfurt, but that is illogical and does not compute.

Penny and I ate at Bauerei Hoh last night (sorry, no pictures). Hoh is a small brewery a couple minutes outside Bamberg in the very small town of K├Âttendorf. The beer is a rich caramel color and has a smooth taste. The best part of Hoh though is the chicken. For €4.50 (roughly $6), you get half a chicken that is roasted to perfection with pepper and a heaping side of french fries. Penny and I both had the chicken and a beer and our total was €12.40. Amazing.

I'd like to get out today, hopefully things work out and I'm able to.

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