Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If The Taliban Had Its Way, We'd All Be Riding Dirty

In a stage that certainly looked liked it would end in a group sprint, a break of three riders stayed away through the finish line during the 5th stage of the Giro. The break started as four, but Paul Voss of Team Milram eased up after earning KOM points. It makes sense that he would join the early break to tighten his grasp on the Maglia Verde that he worked so hard to secure. Just look at the sky-piercing climbs Voss had to endure through the first three stages (stage 4 was the team time trial) to put the green jersey on his back:

I guess speed bumps count towards the mountains classification.
Unknown to many, the multiple crashes during this stage occurred during the rapid descents.
Voss must have ridden over a curb to earn points in this stage.I've been reading a lot of stories lately about the struggle between drivers and cyclists. I haven't really ridden that much in the US, so I can't comment on that relationship's dynamic. Here in Europe, the idea of commuting by bike is well ingrained in the public's mind. So much so that it isn't rare to see a teenage boy riding a women's bike from the 70's. On top of that, he isn't embarrassed about it at all because there is no stigma attached. Anyway, on my ride yesterday it dawned on me that we shouldn't be talking about drivers vs. cyclists, but instead those with common sense vs. idiots. It's akin to saying the war on terror instead of US vs. Al Qaeda or US vs. the Taliban. It expands the scope (which may hamper any goals, withdraw plans, or true markers of victory) a bit, but it truly encompasses the issue. We must remain vigilant, idiots can look just like you and me - they drive cars, ride bikes, roller-blade, and even walk. Let's Roll!

Took a trip to Brauerei Fässla the other day to enjoy a nice pilsner. For those who haven't partaken in German beer, pils is a very light beer with a clean taste. It can be equated to a Budweiser (I understand that Bud is a lager) in the States, but remove all the crappy flavor and aftertaste of the Bud and replace it with refreshment. Each brewery here brews a handful or beers as well as seasonal and specialty beers (Oktoberfest and Bock being the big specialties). The pils is one of the regular beers Fässla brews, with the Zwergla being it's signature libation. The pils is light and smooth, with mild flavors - perfect for a warm afternoon in the sun.

Classic German skies.
Good to the last drop.I'll leave you today with some choice kit from the Footon-Servetto-Fuji team. When I first saw them during the TTT, I thought that maybe they had decided to forgo the skin suit; instead riding in only their "birthday suit." Riding dirty indeed.

Where's the after party?

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