Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Kansas Weekend, Another Demo Derby

Picture dump from the weekend:

The heartland of America!
This car, though painted in a Hulk scheme, was decidedly not mean:

I think Michael Cera was driving this car.
Unfortunately this sweet wagon lost its wheel and was unable to continue:

By far the coolest car out there.
Though it wasn't the final winner, this car had the sweetest (one of two) rear-seat passenger:

Check out the keg, mocking us dry members of the crowd.
Since this blog is supposed to be about bikes (and beer, but being in Kansas there was no beer at the country fair. I know, I cried too.) here is my scoresheet on BSNYC's weekly quiz, therefore proving that I am still 'hip' to the bike world.

Yeah, probably not going to be the valedictorian, but I enjoyed the experience.

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