Friday, August 13, 2010

Half Century

With the school year upon us, popularity becomes more than whose parents own a pool (or readily available liquor cabinet). Everyone knows that BMX riders are the Fonzies of the cycling world while road racers are the Steve Urkels. With that in mind, a mom or dad who truly loves their kid wouldn't purchase this for their child prior to the school year:

Clearly this bike is for losers.This is what a top-notch parent who wants their kid to be the coolest kid at school would buy:

Awesome!this is a pro trick bike does all the tricks like the shows on tv. xgames etc..

Your kid doesn't even need to have athletic ability since the bike does all the tricks by itself! Electronic shifting? Hey Shimano - try keeping up.

Being the picky shopper that I am though, I did some research into the claims this post makes and I'm afraid that there is a bit of false advertising. Of course we all know that the coolest kid in school is the kid who drives around his 1989 IROC-Z without wearing his seatbelt:

Who's draggin' Main tonight?With Kansas now making it legal for police officers to pull drivers over for not wearing their seatbelt (before they could only cite a driver for not wearing a seatbelt if they were pulled over for another infraction), high school boys who challenge 'the man' will gain that much more popularity. No matter how many miles one drives untethered, they will never be as cool as this guy. Or any of these guys.

Enjoy the weekend; I'll be spending it at the demolition derby. Hopefully the cool kids in town come and compete.

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