Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Races, One Problem

As mentioned last night, the LBS put on a crit that I attended as a spectator. Here are some of the low quality pictures I snapped with my low quality camera:

A tale of two cyclists.
The women's and junior's race.There was one crash in the cat 5 race, but as there were a total of five racers and about as many spectators, I didn't feel it was right to take a picture of it. Thankfully the rider was ok.

Another race that occurred yesterday was the sixth stage of the Volta a Portugal. To be honest I wasn't too interested in watching it. Maybe it was because I was unable to understand the commentators due to the lack of a British accent or perhaps the lack of Team Radioshack. I guess that Bruyneel 'snubbed' the entire Iberian Pennisula after his team was 'snubbed' by the Vuelta organizers. Is the lack of Team Radioshack riders in both the Vuelta and the Volta the beginning of the end? Maybe Johan took a lesson from history and realized that even the great tactician Napoleon was unable to take Portugal:

The extent of the French empire under Napoleon.Only time will tell.

Unlike the TdF, the Volta a Portugal truly is a tour that encompasses the entire country. If you don't believe me compare the stage six profile with the map of Portugal:

If you are having trouble deciphering them I'll help out. Please direct your attention to the legend on the Portugal map. Notice how from the north to the south Portugal is about 5.5 times the length of the 10 kilometer scale. Still don't get it? Ok, if yesterday's stage was 221 kilometers and Portugal is about 55 kilometers from north to south, than the riders would have to make about four and a half trips to complete the distance.

Enough of that. Joaquim Ortega, one of two Spanish riders on the Portugal-based Barbot Spider team, was victorious as he rode away from the day's break. No pictures of the winner, but check out the sweet team jersey:

It's nice, but it's no Radioshack jersey.Time to go, I'm not supposed to be on this website on Thursdays.

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