Friday, August 6, 2010

Penny and I loaded ourselves into the in-laws Honda Element and headed down to Lawrence to help Penny's younger sister move. Once the manual labor was complete, we made our way to Free State Brewery for lunch. While there I drank a John Smith Ale and a Storm Cloud Stout. Both were delicious, though for the money I would recommend the Oatmeal Stout. Upon leaving the brewery, I noticed a few bikes locked up outside. While not an uncommon thing since Lawrence is a college town, the type of bikes were unusual:

The training wheels are for after the bar.I'll assume that they took their helmets and Dora the Explorer backpacks inside with them.

Over the last few weeks I have been struggling to find worthy competitors to put on my weekly DB Podium. I think it is because I began that idea while still employed. I harbored a lot of anger during those times and I've decided it's best to let it go and therefore end the podium's run.

Despite the end of the podium, there are still those out there that deserve recognition. I may or may not have mentioned how poor the drivers are here in Kansas - not stopping, failing to signal, speeding, etc. In addition to their poor abilities/habits on the roadways of this state, they also fail to understand how parking lots work:

Are you really going to get out quicker?This wasn't the first or only car I saw 'pulled through' on parking spaces that are at an angle. I'm pretty sure that those spots are angled so that they are easier to pull into and back out of. Pulling through them results in three options when you go to leave:

1. Pull out and go the wrong way through the parking lot.
2. Pull out and have to make a difficult turn in order to drive the correct direction.
3. Back out through the parking space if no car is behind you.

I guess Kansas residents would have a fourth option as well - pull straight forward and cut through the parking spaces without looking for cars traveling along the proper thoroughfares. Either way you lose and they win.

Flea market tomorrow - hopefully we'll sell all our extra crap. Come on down and visit (and buy stuff) if you're in town.

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