Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Reader,

Due to what is known as the 'Blogmuda Triangle,' consisting of alcohol, laziness, and a general lack of creativity, there will be no images during today's extremely late post. Instead, sit back, relax, and enjoy this tale of intrigue, caution, and alcohol.

Faithfully Yours,

Rhetoricdying (XOXOXO)

This past weekend was the big flea market (and the much smaller country club interview). Penny and I spent a lot of time culling through our wares over the last month or so anticipating the sheer delight we would most certainly enjoy seeing our stuff flying off the makeshift tables. Three car loads, or more accurately Element loads (check out this periodic table) later, ninety-percent of our crap was sitting in the hot sun ready for the hoardes to descend upon it. The market was scheduled to open at 8 am, but no sooner had I unloaded the first box people were mulling. In the end we sold a good portion of our junk and cleared about $1,000,356.

Despite the market only lasting six hours, we had one repeat customer who made a jaw-dropping five visits/purchases. After his third visit, and second viewing of a pair of Penny's shoes, we got to talking with him and learned his abridged story. I incorrectly made the conclusion that he was riding his bike because he lived in town and it is a convenient mode of transportation. I was set straight when he informed us that he recently got his first DUI (at the age of 61). His DUI might have been the climax of the story had it not been for the explanation he gave for his purchases - he would buy items and give them to the disabled veterans around town. Good dude.

On to bad news; Tom Boonen will not race in the Vuelta and probably not in the World Championship either. Less than three weeks now until the start of the Vuelta, then my life will have direction and a purpose again.

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