Monday, August 2, 2010

Crashes, County Roads, and Cleanliness

As you may have noticed, I failed to post on Friday. In my defense, that was due to travel between Leavenworth and Winfield. Why travel to the in-laws you ask? Two words - demolition derby (five more words - greatest day of my life):

Tires?  We don't need no stinking tires!That my friends, was the winning car. The tire was MIA for the last 15 minutes or so of the derby. In homage to the winning vehicle, I went for a ride this morning sans rubber:

Sunrise over KansasA beautiful sunrise, cool temperatures, and miles of rollers:

What a way to start the day.While on my ride I got to thinking about stupid products that exaggerate a problem to help sell their worthiness. I realize as I was sipping water from my mold-free water bottle that the bike world has gotten in on the action:

Nope, I'm not going to believe this is serious.Are we to believe that the same dishwasher that cleans our bowls, coffee cups, and drinking glasses does an insufficient job cleaning our water bottles? I for one may just jump on this wagon and market everyday drinking vessels with screw-off bottoms. What's next, tear-away, disposable saddle covers? What the world really needs is some sort of measuring device, or perhaps a picture-like object we could see ourselves in that would prevent us from going out in public with our ties looking like this:

Yeah, I'm a short timer, what of it?!If his tie were any shorter it would be a bow tie.

So to recap; demolition derby rules, cycling in the early morning in Kansas rules, short ties rules, and creating a river in order to sell a bridge certainly does not rule. Suzy Kolber definitely rules.

Be safe out there kids, there are window-less vans in holding patterns as we speak.


  1. You didn't know that Meril Hoge is a close relative of Don Titus? He was pretty good on TechnoBowl.

  2. So short tie syndrome (STS) is a genetic disease?