Monday, August 23, 2010

A Weekend in the Books

Over the last two months it has rained two or three times here in northeast Kansas. This Friday, the day I was scheduled to watch the Kansas City Royals, it poured. After about two hours the game was finally called and rescheduled for Saturday at 6:10 pm. We didn't get the same seats right behind the home dugout, but we did get a doubleheader. The first game went into extra innings and was eventually won by the Royals (that's right, they win a game or two every once in a while). The second game didn't start until after 10, so we watched the first two innings and left. Turns out the second game went into extra innings as well, but the Royals lost.

I watched stage 5 of the Eneco Tour yesterday morning. Unlike some of the larger, more popular races, there weren't many people watching it online, which allowed me to enjoy it without the broadcast skipping. Jack Bobridge from Team Garmin-Transitions rode away from the break with a couple kilometers to go to win the stage, at which point he raised his arms in victory:

I'm flying Jack!While it was good to see an American team win the stage, I caught a glimpse of Belgian national champion (both road and TT), Stijn Devolder, in his national colors and was a bit sad:

It looks like him, but it's not.Being a huge fan of Tom Boonen, it was bittersweet to see another Quickstep rider with the national colors, especially since Boonen wasn't even able to defend his win. It looks like he'll make a comeback at the end of this year, which is awesome.

In other news that is awesome, this young one with big dreams pedaled his way right into the sex offenders' registry. I would think that by the time you're seventeen, and riding in the Tour is your dream, you wouldn't go on training rides in jeans, a t-shirt, and beanie cap. What do I know though, perhaps he was wearing a pair of these. On second thought, it might have been better that he removed those and rode naked.

Let's hope that my LSAT results are much better than my BSNYC quiz results:

2.0 and go.

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