Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Attention to Details: Sickening Revelations

As any good American cycling fan, I enjoy watching the boys in argyle race and win. While perusing a photo gallery covering Garmin-Transitions Girona, Spain-based operation center over at Cycling News the other day, I came across this picture showing how meticulous David Millar is in labeling his equipment:

Will? I don't see any Will written anywhere.Clearly Millar does play very close attention to detail in labeling his stuff, but he fails to pay attention to the fact that any piece not his will stick out like a sore thumb. Since there is no Will that races for Garmin-Transitions, I am going to assume that bag belongs to marketing manager Will Frischkorn. You would think that with the combination of sponsorships, free swag, and salaries professional riders wouldn't have to result to thievery. If the law isn't enough to dissuade Millar from stealing, perhaps Frischkorn is. According to this bio of Will, he had some aggression issues in 2006. I'm sure that Millar, as meticulous as he seems to be based on that one photo, already knows Frischkorn's violent past and has taken necessary precautions to ensure his safety.

In other safety related news, I watched American Flyers for the first time yesterday. Despite all the cycling-related goings on, the part that I enjoyed the most was after the second stage of the Hell of the West (in actuality the Coors Classic). In what has to be one of the greatest Tom Selleck-supporting scenes, the younger brother David (the one you think is sick) says to his older brother Marcus (who is a predictable plot twist is actually sick), "How can you be sick anyway? Just look at yourself, what you got, you got a mustache and everything." I was always aware of some supernatural powers derived from facial hair, but until yesterday I thought I was the only one.

To close out a few days of KC-based baseball, a few of us went to watch the independent league's Kansas City T-Bones last night. Despite not receiving a replica jersey (the last ones were given out to a middle school band who played the national anthem) or a Bacon Explosion Sausage (they sold out 20 minutes before game time), the T-Bones won the game which is enough for me to be pleased with my $4 ticket.

My knee hurts a little after a run yesterday, hopefully it is good to go for tonight's ride and a 10K race I plan to run on Saturday.

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  1. You really thought you were the only one who knew the power of the mustache? Really?