Friday, August 20, 2010

Goal Oriented

With the goals of getting to know the neighbors, enjoy a sunny day, and replace all the crap we sold at the flea market, Penny and I dropped in on an estate sale earlier this week. Whenever I hear the phrase 'estate sale', I think of a mansion full of crystal and antique French furniture. This estate sale was a far cry from that scene - a 1950's ranch that was badly in need up some updates, filled with musty, overstuffed couches, dirty hand tools, and numerous kitchen gadgets of questionable use. We did score a Coleman mini cooler though, so it wasn't all bad. Penny also came across this kid's book:

Good thing that lady is married, hopefully it's her child as well.Some of the topics covered in the book seemed to be teaching children subjects best left until adulthood:

Remember Jane - puff, puff, pass.
Cradle them gently.I failed to post on Wednesday because I was getting 'in the zone' for a 10-mile TT the LBS was staging. It was incorporated as part of our normal Wednesday ride and followed the same course we raced a few weeks ago.

The results aren't posted yet, but I can tell you that I cut almost three minutes off my time. Let's look at a few reasons that could have happened:

1. I've been riding more and I'm in better shape.
- Not true. I've actually been riding about two times per week because I'm lazy.

2. I was using a TT bike and had a sweet aero position.
- False. I don't own a TT bike, I was riding the same bike I rode last time. I actually removed my aero wheels and put the trainers back on prior to the ride.

3. I ate Mexican food a few hours before the race.
- True, but that was more likely a hindrance than a help.

4. I'm using PEDs.
- Bingo. Now I know why people use them. It feels good to do well. Now all I have to do is cut another five minutes from my time and I'll be competitive with recreational cyclists - then I'll be the coolest guy in the ride.

In all seriousness I think my improvement had to do with knowing the course and eating properly during the day (maybe not eating properly, just eating). I also think being sent off earlier helped because my pride kicked in and I didn't want to get passed by everyone (I went off second of about 20 people and I was passed by two people, though I passed the guy who went off first before I was passed). I didn't really have a goal in mind, but under 30 minutes (which I accomplished) was a time hack I am happy with.

I'm going to see a Kansas City Royals game tonight. It should be a fun time, though not necessarily high caliber baseball.

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